Meet the Team

Graham Morrissey – Clinical Dental Technician

Born in South Africa, Graham’s initial dental technology experience was with the South African Army in 1970. He later completed an apprenticeship with Dental Mechanicians Board in 1976. Graham immigrated to New Zealand in 1998 and is proud to call himself a Kiwi. In the same year he passed the Dental Technicians Board Registration Exams. In 2003 Graham qualified with Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dental Technology. Although only recently joining the team at Denture Creations in 2012, Graham brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience, coupled with his great sense of humour and comedic wit, he has already built a great patient base. He enjoys riding his BMW Motorbike, exploring New Zealand and spending time with his grandchildren.

Dental technicians Auckland
Auckland Dental technicians

Sian Griffith – Clinical Dental Technician

Sian was born in Wellington, but into a home full of Welsh history and culture as both of her parents originate from that other great rugby nation. Sian spent her early years growing up the kiwi way in Wellington.Later moving to Auckland, Sian decided to further her career in the restaurant industry, she made a change in direction slightly, (from feeding the mouth to fixing what was in it!). Decision made, she moved to Dunedin, and completed a bachelor in Dental Technology in 2004, and then a Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dental Technology in 2009, both at Otago University. Sian moved back to Auckland beginning her new career, along the way meeting partner Lance. They were very happy to add to their family with the arrival of their son, Huw, in 2012. Sian enjoys playing social indoor netball but more so these days, reading ‘Hairy Mclairy’ books to Huw and pottering in the kitchen. Sian joined our team at Denture Creations in 2013.

Gary Inggs – Clinical Dental Technician

Gary hails from Durban in South Africa. He graduated from Natal Technikon in 1998 with a National Diploma in Dental Technology and then gained further qualification in 1999 with a Bachelor of Technology in Dental Technology.

Gary immigrated to New Zealand in 2010 and also commenced employment with Creative Dental Ceramics and at the same time bringing with him his specialty in High Quality Prosthetic Denture work. Gary has since gained his qualification, “Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dental Technology”, from Otago Dental School, in 2015. Gary is married to Tracey and has two young children – Chloe and Ryan. He enjoys golf and squash in his spare time, however that is rare these days.

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Kerry Moore – Receptionist and Personal Assistant

Born in England, Kerry was educated in the English school system, qualifying as a Dental Assistant in 1985. Kerry immigrated to New Zealand in 1993 where she also gained her NZDA qualification in 1996. She has had 20 years chairside experience including 10 years as an implant and oral surgical assistant. Kerry joined our team at Creative Dental Ceramics in 2009 and has used her wealth of experience in practice management to assist in the smooth running of Denture Creations. She enjoys gardening, dressmaking, baking and yoga.

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